Welcome to my brand new Final Fantasy fansite! In here we worship Final Fantasy and the latest web design trends. FF haters begone!!


Update history

23.11.2023 Gacha Corner updated.

16.7.2003+20 About section updated. PS. Final Fantasy XVI was pretty good!

5.4.2003+20 Gacha Corner updated.

13.10.2002+20 Links page updated + other minor updates.

30.7.2002+20 Stealth updates.

20.6.2002+20 Links section added.

19.6.2002+20 Time and space are compressing further...

15.6.2002+20 Aerith's Flower Shop website mockup released.

24.5.2002+20 Seventh Heaven website mockup released.

12.5.2002+20 Gacha Corner opened.

4.5.2002+20: TinderOWLS ver. 0.1 released in the Fun & Games section.

29.4.2002+20: Lightning Altar opened & Guestbook added.

27.4.2002+20: About section updated.

24.4.2002+20: Time and space are compressing...

23.4.2002+20: Gallery updated.

21.4.2002+20: Minor tweaks to appearance.

20.4.2002+20: Time and space have begun to compress...

18.4.2002+20: Fanart Gallery (2003-2004) opened.

17.4.2002+20: Site launched with About and Articles sections. All pages lovingly crafted in deprecated HTML.

13.4.2002+20: Account registered.